Welcome to the world of TRAFFIKRADIOTV, the next online media platform that is intended to bring and give a bust of fresh breath of air to the world of online media business market.


A MultiMedia Company that sees the news from the 3rd perspective/angel with a touch of modern broadcasting. we believe that there’s always more to the news. we seek to achieve the above by combining already established and well known values/principles with new modern day emerging broadcasting trends and also going the extra mile by using cutting edge transmission/broadcasting online softwares to enable us be the most accepted and tuned in online media.TRAFFIKRADIOTV seeks to lead and rule the online mediaworld by providing the best and the latest INFOTAINMENT, NOTABLE EVENTS, WEATHER AND SPORTS, everyday and every time. This will help its numerous clients/global audience have a tremendous insight and gainful infotainment to open and sensitize them in taking decisions in their various areas of concern.

We also are a platform that provide avenues and channels through which raw talented individuals are discovered, nurtured and mentored. Through our platform, we also seek to bring interactive sessions as close as possible to our clients (Audience) through their various social handles.


TRAFFIKRADIOTV is an online infotainment dissemination platform aimed at the BIG TIME and in order for us to reach this lofty and enviable goal, TRAFFIKRADIOTV intends to focus on the mission behind the vision so as to effectively be a world class outfit. The vision manifests itself succinctly in three forms namely

To be one of the best online media platform in the world in general and Nigeria in particular in terms of true and on point infotainment dissemination

To be the first to provide live Coverage of events via online media platform

To ensure that TRAFFIKRADIOTV produces efficient quality services at all times using the best TOT AL QUALITY SERVICES procedures.


In this our ever dynamic, fast spaced world, success is determined by good choices for lasting effects. Based on this premise, COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION as a tool is vital and essential.


We will aim always to be the best choice by helping you ease your decision planning burden.

Through consistent professionalism, TRAFFIKRADIOTV will ensure and provide the best form of infotainment to your digital/online doorstep at an affordable price, so as to be in synchronisation with the needs of our ever increasing global audience.