The Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel has said he would rather embark on life-touching projects than on monumental projects which have no direct impact on the people of the state.

The highly criticise Governor  by opposition in the state for not executing  monumental project since he became governor in 2015. said In his Christmas Broadcast on Tuesday,

“I will like to make this profoundly fundamental point: we are not engaged in building monuments that have no direct impact or meaning to our everyday lives; we are not grandstanding with the construction of white elephant projects, we are not on a course for fleeting applause.

“We are not here to create a cult of personality or to play God or to define ourselves as the sole repositories of knowledge and power; we are not here to sell our State on bended knees or to cut deals that will imperil the future of our State or our children. We are not here sorely to protect our selfish interest while sacrificing the collective good.

“We are here because we genuinely care about you, your children’s future, the place of our State in the socio-political calculus of our Nation. We are here, because we believe the resources God has so generously endowed our people with, should be used to develop Akwa Ibom State and empower our people to rise further to the faith of their greatness.”

Emmanuel said he would remain focused in fostering development projects for the benefit of his people and never to feel deterred or intimidated by the antics of the opposition.

“I will not be intimidated, I will not bend, I will not give in to blackmail, lies or attacks on my person or my administration. I will not cut deals to sell our State to the highest bidder neither will I sacrifice the elements that define us as a people simply to further a political goal,”